Planning with Us!

Hello everyone and welcome to an explanation of Aisle Planner! Aisle Planner can be a little overwhelming when you first start exploring, so we wanted to give you a crash course on how to use it! Trust us, it’ll be your best friend leading up to your wedding, next to us of course!

So to start, Aisle Planner is an online planning system where we both, the planner and the bride and groom, have access to everything we need to see and keep track of for the big day. Now different packages will have access to different tools, but rest assured your package will always have the perfect amount of tools you will need! The different options will also be covered when you are choosing your wedding package, so there will never be any confusion. Below we will go over each tab in the system to explain how to use it effectively and to give our future brides and grooms a look into how we work once they book with us.


The first tab in Aisle Planner is potentially the most daunting, the checklist! The checklist just lists off everything you need to have done before your wedding, but don’t worry, it literally lists every single thing. The good news about that, is that you probably won’t need to do every single thing they list since each wedding is different, so you can just eliminate the “to-do’s” that don’t need to be done if they don’t apply! We will also help you clean up the checklist as well and will tailor it to your wedding specifications. The checklist is super helpful in helping you keep track of when and what to do leading up to the big day, and it’s always fun to check stuff off the list and see that you’re getting things done!


Next up is the calendar, and this is a great way to keep track of appointments, and also to keep in touch with us. You can put your different vendor meetings in here, make appointments to meet with us, ;and let us know which vendor meetings you would like for us to attend with you! Keeping track of all your wedding appointments in here makes it super easy for us to all be on the same page and best of all, it syncs to your own personal calendar as well!


The timeline is of course crucial for the day of, and it can be put together down to the last detail in Aisle Planner! We will put together your timeline by contacting all the vendors, collecting their timelines, and creating our master timeline that has every detail and every time on it so no one misses a thing. The bride and groom have access to it in case they want to make any changes, otherwise they can just check up on it and approve it as we go along.


Design studio is a super fun section where you can start to see your wedding really come together. In design studio we will put pictures of the venue, and inspirational pictures of what the decor is going to look like. This is a super fun way to start seeing how all your decor choices will start coming together and how it will really start to look the day of!


Guest management and layout is next and this is super useful, especially when you are having a large wedding and there are a ton of guests to keep track of! Aisle Planner makes it super easy to say goodbye to the excel spreadsheet and just keep track of your guests in one easy place. You can put all of your guests as well as their addresses, RSVP responses, and food choices! This ties right into layout because in the layout, you can build your seating chart to scale, and even select each table and individually assign people to each one if you are going with assigned seating. This makes it super easy on everyone and makes it easy for us all to see how many are coming, and where they are all going to be sitting!


Contacts is where all of your vendors will be located, as well as all of their pertinent information. Here is where we will keep track of all your booked vendors as well as their contracts and contact information.


Budget is exactly what you think it is! This is where we keep track of all payments that have been made, as well as ones that will be due or are currently due. It will remind you of when these payments are due so it’s easy to keep track of. It also has an overall wedding budget with an easy to read graphic, that shows you your budget total, how much has been spent, and how much of the spent has been paid!


The final tab of Aisle Planner is the note tab. This is where we keep all of the wedding info, decor info, and our preferred vendors list. Any special notes about the day are also included in here that may need to remembered by either us or you!

Thank you for taking the time to learn Aisle Planner! It is such a useful tool for both the planner and the bride and groom, and we can’t wait to start seeing all of the weddings start taking shape within it! If you have any questions about it please feel free to ask and we will help you navigate any and all of it!