Interview with Our Past Bride

Hey everyone! Sorry for missing last week, we were on the road heading to Las Vegas and then Oceanside, CA! We have been on vacation all week with Malachi’s sister, so we decided to interview her for the blog so you can get some questions answered by a past Sara Michelle Weddings Bride!

Malachi’s sister, Naomi, and brother in law, Brent, got married in February 2017 in McCall ID. Her ceremony was at Lady of the Lake Catholic Church and the reception was at Blackhawk on the River. She had an intimate winter wedding with only immediate family, which turned out so amazing!

Our interview with her is as follows lightly edited for clarity.


How long was your engagement? I had a relatively quick engagement in my opinion, of five months, because I was proposed to on my birthday, September 25th, and I wanted snow to still be on the ground when I got married.


How would you describe your wedding in 3 words? Intimate, magical, and delicious!


Why did you decide to have a winter wedding? I love snow, and think that it makes everything more peaceful and clean and soft. I love the aesthetic of candles plus snow, flowers have never been my favorite. Also…winter pricing!


Why did you feel like you needed a wedding planner? I wanted to focus on marrying my husband and spending quality time with our immediate family members. I stress out enough about day to day activities, so I just knew that if i didn’t have a wedding planner, I would be too stressed and not be able to enjoy my day how I wanted to!


What would you change? The only thing I would’ve changed about my wedding, is I would have hired someone to come and do my makeup!

How difficult was planning your wedding in McCall while living in Boise, ID? It was surprisingly easy! Especially with my wedding planner helping me out! Everyone was so easy to work with, easy to communicate with, and I even found someone to do my hair super last minute.


How was it different then planning locally? It was a little bit more of a hassle because I had to bring up a few of my vendors from Boise because there aren’t many options for vendors in McCall. I also had to make sure that I had everything with me because it’s not possible to run back to Boise if I had forgotten my shoes or my veil! Finally, I had to make sure that all of my family and vendors had lodging for the night, and pay any other travel fees were required by my vendors.


What advice would you give current brides? Don’t stress so much, have fun, hire someone to do your makeup no matter your skill level, take advantage of off-season pricing, and hire a wedding planner!


List of vendors:

Planner: Sara Michelle Weddings

Photographer: Huckleberry Cloud Photography

Caterer: All Events Catering

Hair: Lexi at Dahlia- A Beauty Parlor

Dress: BB Bridal

Cake: Kristina Ann Cakes

Follow her and her husband on social media to learn more about their travel life and fitness journey! Instagram: @naomi_j_lydia