Interview with Kylie Morgan Photography

The goal of wedding planning and coordination is all about making the day as easy and stress free as possible for the happy couple. We have decided that to be as helpful as possible and give you as many tips as we can, we wanted to start a vendor interview series! We will be interviewing different vendors from different areas of expertise and asking them the questions that all couples need to know.

Today we are interviewing Kylie Morgan from Kylie Morgan Photography! A photographer is absolutely crucial to your wedding since they are the ones that will capture the wedding in a snapshot forever, so asking the right questions and choosing the right photographer is a must. Here is our interview with Kylie, followed by her contact information if you want to use her wonderful services!

All of these pictures were also taken by Kylie and we are absolutely obsessing over each and every one!


How many packages do you offer and what is included?

I have anywhere from 3-4 packages that I offer to choose from for Idaho brides and grooms, and out of state brides and grooms! However I absolutely LOVE, and more often than not, come up with custom packages for my couples because their day is so unique and that can best be met with a custom package! So I often don’t follow the rules of my ‘packages’ but rather create packages to fit the needs of my couples and give them the exact experience they want!

How long have you been a photographer?

I have been photographing weddings for almost four years now! I have been shooting for about six!

Do you offer a second shooter in your packages?

A second shooter isn’t something that I offer directly in my packages, but if my bride and groom want it, we will add it as an add on! (Why custom packages are so great too!) It’s not often that I shoot with a second shooter, as I run around like crazy on the wedding day myself!

What is the average size wedding you shoot?

I shoot all sizes of weddings! It’s about 40% elopements and intimate weddings (ranging anywhere from 2-30 people), and then 60% larger weddings ranging anywhere from 80-250 people!

How would you describe your photography style?

Earthy, genuine, nostalgic, authentic.

How would you describe your working style? More posed or candid shots?

Candid shots one thousand percent! My whole approach to shoots and wedding days is for the moment to just be lived in, and feel natural. I never want anything to feel staged or uncomfortable!


Do you include engagement photos in your packages?

For Idaho brides and grooms, yes! For out of state it’s typically an add on!

How much do you require for the deposit?

I require a 30% deposit for a date to be held.

What is your refund or cancellation policy?

The deposit is non refundable after it has been put down and the contract signed.


What are some places you have traveled for weddings? Is there anywhere you won’t travel?

I will travel absolutely anywhere! Most of my weddings that I book take place on the west coast (Oregon, Washington, California, Utah), and the occasional east coast or Midwest wedding! I also have anywhere from 1-3 international weddings a year, as well as 1-2 in Hawaii! Traveling is a huge part of my brand and niche, as it speaks largely of who I am!

How far in advance do couples need to book you?

Usually for elopements, booking anywhere from 3-8 months in advance is great (especially if on a weekday, then even on the whim ones are possible!), for all other weddings anywhere from 6-12 months!

How long after the wedding until couples get their pictures?

My turnaround time for wedding pictures is 4-6 weeks, but I always aim to deliver faster! Sneak peeks are always sent though.

How many final images will they get?

The amount of final images depends on how long they booked me for, for the day! Anywhere from 500-1000 typically!


How do you like the schedule of a wedding day? Would you rather have a wedding planner helping?

A wedding planner is SO HELPFUL. Any bride and groom on the fence about a wedding planner, should do it!! There’s a reason that weddings typically run smoother and are less stressful when a a wedding planner is present. While I do the best I can in assisting with the timeline and even often times creating it, it’s not necessarily in my job description and a wedding planner knows best and will help keep everything on track! Plus they will bring your dream vision to life.

Is there anything you would want to tell potential future clients about yourself, your business, or booking you for their wedding?

I simply want to give my clients an unforgettable experience, from the very beginning. When hiring a wedding photographer, it’s often times looked over how important it is to have a photographer that you connect with. they are the ones following you around pretty much nonstop for that 8-12 hour day, and are the ones delivering your tangible memories that sometimes are the only thing left after everything is said and done! So the importance of hiring someone that you get along with and who will provide an experience rather than just a photo shoot — is so important to me! It’s why I absolutely love spending so much time getting to know my couples — I’d rather it feel like we are friends on your wedding day — where you’re comfortable being yourself in your images, then client-vendors. Plus, this is one of the biggest days of your life! You deserve to be treated like queens and kings.

Thanks again so much to Kylie Morgan Photography! Hopefully this answered some of your questions about her services, and a photographer in general on your wedding day. If you would like to get in contact with Kylie her contact information is as follows:



Instagram: @kylie_morgan

Facebook: Kylie Morgan Photography