This week we want to talk about the timeline, because sometimes confusion arises in terms of who is in charge of the timeline, and what it does. In short, the timeline is everything! It runs the day and keeps everyone, vendors included, on track. We here at Sara Michelle Weddings create a master timeline with all the vendor’s information so we know who is supposed to be doing what at what exact time. We create the timeline for our clients so you never have to worry about feeling overwhelmed or stressed out. We reach out to the vendors and give them the finished “master timeline” so our clients never have to worry about being confused on arrivals, departures, drop-offs, etc.!


The best way to describe a timeline is basically like a puzzle. All the vendors are the pieces and have their own timelines in mind, and we make it all cohesive. One example of something people may not think about that will show up on a timeline is knowing what time makeup needs to be done in order to start pictures on time. We work closest with the photographer and the DJ on timelines since they are a few of the vendors who are there for almost the entire day like us. The photographer’s timeline is important for photo times to make sure we don’t run over into the next item on the schedule, or have to bump something to make room for pictures going longer than expected. the DJ’s is also incredibly important since they are the MC for the entire day, and need to know when to announce the next event. We stay in contact throughout the day to ensure that they are making the right announcements when is necessary, and if we have to move the timeline around on the day of, we verify everything with them first so no one is thrown off or has something changed without their knowledge.


We start building the timeline about 6 weeks before the wedding day. We contact every vendor to go over everything they are providing, their set up and layout, and any miscellaneous things that could come up, like how many tables the caterer will need for the buffet. We like knowing exactly what each vendor is offering our clients, to make sure nothing is missed. We believe it is better to triple check, even if you already have, rather than letting even a single thing slip through the cracks. We also like reaching out this early so that all vendors are comfortable with working with us if we have not worked together yet, so we can get a better understanding of their needs and how they work, and vice versa.

We like to have the timeline done 2 weeks before the wedding. This way we have time to make any last minute changes, and we hope to make our clients more comfortable knowing that everything is taken care of and ready for the big day so as to alleviate any unnecessary stress. After we get our client’s approval on the timeline and layout, we email all of the information to every vendor to look over and confirm that everything looks good on their end. Then, we use that final master timeline on the day of the wedding to make everything run smooth, and of course I bring printed copies in case anyone needs one!

We hope this maybe explains a little more about the timeline and who is in charge of it. If you have any questions feel free to ask, and of course remember to book with Sara Michelle Weddings and Events for all your timeline needs!