Our Wedding Day

If you follow us on social media, then you are probably aware that yesterday was our anniversary! Today we wanted to tell our wedding story for you all and let you know what we decided to do, how our timeline went, and our background story in case you don’t know! We started dating in may 2012 while we were both still in high school, and we have been together ever since! We were engaged in March 2015 during Malachi’s senior year of college. We were married July 2nd, 2016, two months after Malachi was graduated!

The day of the wedding, we got ready at the Hilton Garden Inn in Eagle, Idaho. We had separate bridal party pictures so we wouldn’t see each other before the ceremony, since we had decided to not do a first look.


After our pictures, we headed to the ceremony. We hired Idaho Town car to shuttle our bridal party to there, so no one would have to worry about parking.

We were married at St. Johns Cathedral in downtown Boise. We had a traditional Catholic ceremony with Mexican traditions, such as the jarras and the laso, as well as the Mass being bilingual. In case you are not aware of these traditions, in Mexican culture the jarras represents that you will both provide for each other and help each other financially in your marriage, and the laso is similar to a unity candle, but instead you have a large rosary placed over you both and you kneel while a special prayer is said.

After the ceremony, we exited the church with a ribbon wand send off, and drove around the block to go back for family pictures in the church. We were supposed to have an old Rolls Royce pick us up, but it was having engine trouble so Idaho Town Car sent their limo instead. We had to wait a little bit since Sara’s brother forgot we had to do family pictures and had started driving to the reception area before turning around!

We left the church to take newlywed pics, but the Boise summer was not kind once again to our Rolls Royce and it actually broke down a couple parking lots over from our outdoor picture location, so we walked a ways to get there. Luckily we are both extremely chill people and we and didn’t care, so we just made the best of it and knew that it would make a fantastic story, which it did! We also knew it couldn’t be helped since it was such an old car. We finally took pictures on the riverbank in eagle across the street from where our reception was being held.

Our reception was at Waters Edge Event Center in Eagle, across the parking lot from the Hilton Garden Inn so we could just walk right over afterwards and not have to worry about falling asleep at the wheel!

We went from our grand entrance straight into dinner, then toasts by the two best men, Malachi couldn’t choose between his brother and his dad so he made them both best men, and maids of honor, Sara couldn’t choose between her two sisters, and the father of the bride.

Our first dance was on the starlight dance floor, provided by Soundwave, and our first dance song, “I choose you” by Sara Berelleis, was sung by the brother of the bride. Yes, the same one who forgot about family pictures.

Immediately following first dances, there was a surprise performance by Sara’s brother and best friend, as they sang “Can’t Help Falling in Love” as a duet.

After the surprise, we transitioned into games such as the anniversary dance and the shoe game! Cake cutting followed, and Sara got Malachi in the face with cake even though she said she wouldn’t. Her family is a bad influence haha.

We finished with dancing the night away, and the party didn’t stop until the DJ had to play his last song at 11pm!

Looking back at our whole experience now, it was so fun and we made so many memories even when things didn’t go exactly according to plan, that we already know that we wouldn’t change anything if we had to do it over again. Except Sara wouldn’t shove cake in Malachi’s face this time.

Our Wedding Vendors:

Design: Sara Michelle Weddings!

Photographer- Tamara Kenyon

Venue: Waters Edge Event Center, Eagle ID

DJ: Soundwave Events

Hair and Makeup: Behrens Artistry

Dress: Sweetheart Manor

Suit: Men’s Warehouse

Flowers: Boise at It’s Best

Transportation: Idaho Town Car

Hotel: Hilton Garden Inn, Eagle ID

Cake: Albertsons