Interview with Elevate Skin + Body

We are so excited this week to be able to share with you all an interview with Sara who owns Elevate Skin & Body! Skincare is so important, and is something that needs to started probably earlier than you realize for your wedding day so that you ensure you have that perfect glow when the day arrives. Sara was nice enough to answer all of our questions so make sure and follow her on her social media so you can have your skin looking great for your wedding day!

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How long have you been an esthetician? 

I have been an esthetician for 10 years and have owned my business for 7.5 years.

What kind of treatments do you offer? 

I offer waxing for both men and women, facials and advanced treatments such as microdermabrasion, peels, and dermaplaning. I consider myself a results driven esthetician so all of my facial/advanced services are catered to address areas of your concern.

Do you specialize in any particular treatment? 

I specialize in Brow shaping for men and women, Brazilian waxing (women only) and Dermaplaning. With each brow wax I fill the shape your brows using pencils, powders or brow gel (from Kelley Baker Brows) to complete your look. I’ve perfected a 10 minute Brazilian wax and created a dermaplaning facial the delivers a radiant glow.

Why would you recommend a professional skin care esthetician? 

I believe there are so many reasons to see a professional esthetician. I feel as a consumer the beauty world has gotten so big and so confusing. Having an esthetician who is trained and licensed to not only recommend treatments that are specific to your needs but also educated to advise you with the proper home care routine to follow that up. I’ve done the research on what ingredients are safe, how to get rid of acne using safe organic ingredients and have tips and tricks for getting rid of ingrown hairs! There is actually a lot of science behind ingredients and skin function so it’s so fun when my clients trust me to help them navigate the beauty world!

How early should brides and grooms start seeing an esthetician? 

Ideally, six months before the wedding is great (a whole year is even better). Depending on what approach we take or concerns we are addressing, it usually takes me two to three treatments to really get a good plan in place. It will also take about three months for your skin to get used to your new skincare products and home care routine!

How do you determine what types of treatments brides and grooms should get? 

I determine our treatments based on a series of questions. At our first appointment we will chat and write down your current skincare routine that you do daily and if there are any areas you’d like to address. Then, I always touch and feel the skin to really understand what’s there, for example: redness, blackheads, pustules or pigmentation. Together we choose the direction or plan we move in as your big day draws closer. Men and women have different skin types just based on genetics/hormones etc. so it’s a very personalized plan. I will also always recommend and give out samples of the product line I use and carry in my spa! I love to really have you try before you buy to see what works best for you! 

What results can brides and grooms expect with different treatments? 

The possibilities are endless here which is why I’m so passionate about the work I do! I get so excited to see acne start clearing after just one peel or pigmentation spots start to fade after a microdermabrasion. Dermaplaning will reveal an immediate glow and instant hair removal for the smoothest skin you’ve ever felt. With waxing the hair stays gone for 3 to 4 weeks with about 50% less hair growing back just after the first treatment. These are all the up sides but are there other results you should be prepared for? Yes, with facials you sometimes break-out, especially if you’ve never had one. It’s our bodies way of reacting to bringing up the old and getting rid of it (we call it purging or detoxing). Redness, while minimal, can arise and it’s best to keep the skin calm after a treatment. With waxing there’s always a possibility of redness, or breakouts as well since this too is a form of exfoliation. In-grown hairs can be annoying little buggers and you never know who might be more prone to these. This is also why I like brides and grooms to start their treatments/services 3 to 6 months before the big day to trouble shoot anything that might come up for them!

What is the best way for brides and grooms to keep up their skin after a treatment? 

Keeping the skin clean and hydrated are the two important topics I address. With the proper cleansing system you ensure that your new skin we’ve revealed after a treatment stays clear of dirt, oil and environmental elements. The skin will function better when the pores are clean. Hydration from a serum or moisturizer is also very important because fine lines and wrinkles will become more visible. For the bride, I must point out without hydration makeup tends to settle in fine lines and can age us in photographs.

How early should you start waxing treatments? 

Definitely start waxing at least three to six months before the wedding! As mentioned you’ll see about 50% less hair grow back after just one wax. Did you know we all have three different growth cycles that naturally grow and fall out each month? With that said, when we stay consistent waxing once a month by the third month/waxing session we have now made all of the cycles grow all together and be waxed all together giving you a smoother feel and longer lasting results!

What are your product or care recommendations? 

I am obsessed with skin care products, because this is the most important tool I can use to create change. I’ve always thought about products in the way that a fitness trainer uses a gym. A facial is a workout for your skin but the only way to keep your results going and see a difference is to feed your skin the proper nutrients and strengthening products, just like you would eat healthy and drink lots of water to see the results in your muscles from your gym workouts!

Do facials hurt or are they uncomfortable? 

I’d be lying if I said they didn’t hurt BUT, only for one portion of the facial. The extraction portion is the removal of blackheads, clogged pores or pustules (acne). I do my very best to prep the skin to release the gunk but also keep this process quick and move on to the massage right after! Oh yeah! Neck, shoulder, and scalp massage! You can also expect some tingles if we are working a little deeper to prep the skin. As, I mentioned I am results driven, so I love to use a little tingly enzyme to eat away the layers of dead skin cells so I can then work products deeper into the skin for better hydration!

How often should you get a facial? 

Every four weeks is optimal! Remember how I mentioned the hair cycles that grow each month? Your dead skin cells move forward at the same rate, every four weeks, so we are creating a compound effect. We are helping the old skin move off to reveal the new skin underneath!

What are the biggest skin mistakes? 

The biggest, hmmmm, if you’re an acne prone skin type, picking your skin is the biggest. Unfortunately, most acne is better left for your esthetician. You can accidentally scar yourself or move bacteria from pore to pore actually creating more acne. The other mistake is just neglect, men and women that don’t wash their skin or properly moisturize will see fine lines, wrinkles or enlarged pores that are sometimes harder to correct later in life. Also, the lack of protecting the skin is huge!! WEAR SUNSCREEN! It’s literally the #1 way to protect you and stop the aging process before it starts.

Is there anything else you would like to tell our brides and grooms? 

I have to say, I’m so excited for you! This is going to be your favorite party you’ve ever been to! Drink lots of water in preparation, wear your sunscreen and to the groom, cake isn’t supposed to be a face mask… be nice to your bride lol! CONGRATULATIONS!

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